Regional, Urban, Local Money Systems, Supply Chains and Enterprise Clusters

We provide a full range of services to Regional, Urban and Local governments, as well as to enterprise clusters, from design and formation through to ongoing assessment and improvements, which generate increased tax revenue, economic activity and sales.

Digital Currency Design and Implementation

Considering implementing a digital currency for a specific purpose? We provide a full range of technology design and implementation services.

Loyalty and Exchange Points Systems

Does your company offer Loyalty Points, or use Exchange Points to facilitate exchange between your clients? See what we can do to make your membership-based exchange come alive!

Project Areas

Complementary Currency Systems

Social & Community Currency Systems

We assist Communities, Organizations and Local Governments to develop their own Social & Community Currency Systems to target improvement in certain areas of society and the economy by incentivizing and facilitating new types of transactions & exchanges.

Digital Currency Payments Systems

Governments and Associations that are experiencing declining use of outdated payments system technologies that are seeing declining returns and competing systems cutting into their revenue streams.

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Loyalty & Exchange Points Networks

Companies that see declining use of their Loyalty Points systems, and who must regularly devalue their currencies to the detriment of their customers.

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Supply Chain Networks

Governments below the national level and Enterprise Groups, Cooperatives and Clusters who see money flowing out of their areas and a corresponding decline in tax revenue and economic activity.

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Recent Projects

  • Keynote Speech at the First World Blockchain Conference in Changsha, Hunan, China to an invite-only conference on Blockchain Technology Innovation sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information technology and the Communist Party of China.
  • Educating a major European Financial Institution about Bitcoin and the Blockchain, the Bitcoin movement and regulatory issues and concerns in the Eurozone.
  • Advising a blockchain consulting company in North America on building client relations in Asia.

  • Advising a team implementing a complementary currency system in a 30,000 resident refugee camp turned settlement in East Africa.

  • Advising the King of a nation in the Pacific about implementing a currency to bring the community closer together economically, and to facilitate increased cooperation and sharing of well-being.

  • Advising a group implementing a time-currency to improve reciprocation in a rural area in the United States.

  • Advising a light rail transit society in North America about ways to increase spin-off benefits for local business situated along a streetcar line using a digital currency.

  • Advising a bullion-backed digital currency startup in Montreal, Canada.

  • Advising a technology hardware provider in Australia about strategies for entering the Indonesian market.

  • Conducting research and Consulting the Provincial Government of a Southeast Asian nation about how to understand and interact with the traditional currencies that circulate in their area.
  • Conducting “Getting Started with Bitcoin Trainings) to groups of over 10 people at a time in Bali, Indonesia.

  • Educating the R&D Unit of a major Japanese financial institution in Tokyo about parallel currencies in the wake of the Asian Monetary Crisis in 1998. 

Consulting Services

I’m considered by many of my peers to have one of the broadest experiences in the field of complementary, community and digital currencies: this is often mentioned in my testimonials on Linkedin. Consider this as a kind of Institutional Memory of the rapid pace of developments in this field for the past 25 years.

I have a large network of experts that I know personally and have collaborated with. I have an excellent reputation for working in teams. If I don’t have what you need, I know someone who will. I’m active in several groups and as a subject matter expert for, a blockchain industry publication.

Although digital and cryptographic currencies are evolving rapidly now, the effort started in the early 1990s, and I was there. From communications with the founder of Ripple Classic years before it was programmed, to discussions with the founders of financial cryptography, for years people have been coming to me with their innovative ideas, and come back often to continue bouncing ideas around with me.

To ensure what you are doing is truly unique, that you have considered all the angles, that you’re involving the right people in order to focus on success, you’ll benefit from speaking with someone who has decades of experience in the field.

Packages Offered:


Advisor or Board Member

Private Consulting

Bitcoin-Blockchain Training & Presentations

Gift-Based Advising

What Does it Cost?

-First Meeting Fee USD/EUR/AUD 200
Retainer (Negotiable)
-Share offers
-Payment in
Bitcoin accepted

-First Meeting Fee USD/EUR/AUD 200
-Based on
Scope of Work
-USD/EUR/AUD 800/day (Negotiable)
+ Expenses
-Payment in Bitcoin accepted

-USD/EUR/AUD $400/ half-day session. (Negotiable)
+ Expenses, minimum 3 days
-Payment in Bitcoin accepted

-Official Letter, Certificate & Reference on Linkedin.

-Payment in digital or complementary currency, or in-kind gift.

Who is it for?

Startups, Established Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Startups, Established Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Startups, Established Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Community groups and unfunded non-profits proving strong intentions

What is included?

Active involvement in meetings, completion of specific tasks with measurable outcomes.

Action Research, System Analysis and Strategic Assessments. Preparation of reports and presentations.

3 Hour Introductory or Intermediate Level Course, plus 3 hours of focused discussion.

5 Hour blocks of my advising time & assistance, at which time extensions are discussed and agreed upon.

What are the deliverables or outcomes?

To be determined at the outset and put in writing. Outcomes must be measurable or create specific results.

To be determined at the outset and put in writing. Outcomes must be measurable or create specific results.

Participants gain comprehensive knowledge of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies, possess Bitcoin Wallet, understand security, risks & opportunities.

To be determined before the consulting period begins.


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Michel Bauwens

There is no doubt that Stephen is recognized as one of the pioneers who has done most, not just in conceptual, technical and financial innovation, but also in real-life implementation. He has made a incalculable contribution to monetary transformation.”

Michel Bauwens
P2P Foundation

Stephen has a long history in the field of community and complementary currencies for more than 20 years in Canada, Latin America and Asia. He has designed several community currency models for economic development purposes in Mexico, Argentina, India and Thailand. And he wrote valuable list of articles on the subject. Last, Stephen presented and facilitated at Universities and conferences all over the world. We are proud that Stephen is fellow at Qoin.”

Edgar Kampers

I engaged Stephen as a consultant to carry out this study [of traditional currencies in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea in 2001. I was impressed by his extraordinary knowledge of complementary currencies, by his contribution to the field, and by his dedication to the study. The work went seamlessly. The client loved the result. And we all learned from working with Stephen. I recommend him highly.”

David Week
Chief Architect
Culture-Driven Projects

I have had several different opportunities to work with Stephen along the years. Each time I could enjoy Stephen’s rigor and the depth of his expertise, not just in complementary currencies (a huge field), but also where the world goes. Stephen knows how to combine the big picture with practical ‘get the work done’ things. A very rare quality.

Jean-François Noubel
Collective Intelligence Research Institute