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Community, Complementary, Alternative, Digital, Cryptographic Currencies & Payment Systems Specialist

Stephen DeMeulenaere - Community, Complementary, Alternative, Digital, Cryptographic Currencies & Payment Systems Specialist

Mexico Town Takes a Monetary Path Less Travelled

Mexico town takes a monetary path less traveled

By Tim Johnson
McClatchy Newspapers


Experts on alternative local currencies say they emerge with vigor during hardship, matching unused resources with people short on cash.

“These systems are countercyclical. When a global or national economy is in decline, then people naturally find these survival systems to help keep their businesses going,” said Stephen DeMeulenaere, an expert in new currencies and executive director of the Complementary Currency Resource Center, a digital resource center for alternative currencies.

During the widespread bank closures of the Great Depression, scrip emerged in some parts of the United States to substitute for government-issued currency and keep local trade going. Since then, dozens of communities in Europe and elsewhere have turned to local currencies as utopian or green experiments, or to allow local communities to boost business and build social ties.

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Receiving Payment in a Variety of Currencies

We’re here to help you and your business to adjust to the new world of multiple currencies and payment system options. From Paypal in several countries, to bPay in others, from mobile payment systems at the Point-of-Sale to smart cards, QR codes, RFID tags and many others, from Foursquare to Facebook locations, your customers want to be able to pay you in the currency of their choice, using the payment medium of their choice. You may also have your own currency preferences and payment mediums as well.

It’s not going to get any easier if you don’t start now.
Send me an email (stephen at complementarycurrency .org) and let’s begin.

Welcome to what will prove to be a momentous year

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Best wishes, and good luck!

You’ll need it! Things clearly have been coming to a head, and the occasional settling is only followed by a further increase in concern about what is happening.

Prepare for the Post-Dollar World

Quietly, behind the scenes however, things are changing. Companies and Governments are preparing for the Post-Dollar World, a world where the US Dollar is no longer the international standard for exchange and is back in its proper role as a national currency.

A world where the Euro, another dollar-style currency, will be trimmed back.

A world where network currencies, whether initiated by networks of trustworthy companies, governments or people start to break through the mist.

This is where we come in. If these emerging realities are of concern to you, contact me right away.

Stay calm, everything is happening as it should

There are a lot of doomsayers out there, trying to scare us to take all sorts of drastic measures. No, the world isn’t going to end and it won’t all end badly. We have the opportunity to make things the way they want them. Make your plans and talk with your friends about what you can do together if difficult times come.

Welcome to the Network Economy

As national currencies around the world are on the bring of collapse, and what was once believed to be solid is showing its cracks, new forms of money are emerging which will either support or supplant them.

I’m Stephen DeMeulenaere, the founder/coordinator of the Complementary Currency Resource Center, and I also provide Network Economy Consulting and Advisory services to a number of complementary currency systems, research groups, and companies, from concept to implementation.

If you’re interested in collaboration, email me.  Otherwise, enjoy my occasional posts!