Consulting & Advising

Since 1995, I’ve assisted a wide range of community and complementary currency systems, credit unions, community organizations, commercial exchange systems, enterprise networks and clusters, regional and national governments, banks and electronic transaction technology firms.

I work in North America, Europe, Africa, Latin America and in Asia, where I have lived the past 20 years.

I have been featured in numerous interviews and books, and have published articles and research have conducted trainings and spoken at conferences around the world. Much of my experience is outlined on my Linkedin profile.

Past and Current Clients

Japan Research Institute, Sumitomo Bank, Tokyo
Mintcombine – Agentic Group, New York
Qoin – Agency for Complementary Currencies, Netherlands
Social Trade Organization, Netherlands
Foundation for the Progress of Mankind, Paris
European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
Princeton University, United States of America
Provincial Government of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Professional Organization Memberships

Digital Currency Council, Certified Digital Currency Professional, New York
ACCESS – Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and Startups in Singapore
Lifeboat Foundation – New Money Systems
Complementary Currency Research Group


Co-founder, Coin Academy, Digital Currency Education Provider
Certificate of Completion, University of Nicosia Digital Currency Course
Certificate of Professional Qualification, Digital Currency Council


2007 Untenguggenberger Preis

My work to design and implement a complementary currency system in Java, Indonesia, was recognized among the finalists for the 2007 Untenguggenberger Preis in Austria.

2006 Foundation Disaster Recovery Competition

My design for a Disaster Recovery Currency was recognized as a finalist in the 2006 Ashoka Foundation/Changemakers competition.

1999 World Bank Development Marketplace

My work with the Doole System D’Exchange Communautaire in Dakar, Senegal was recognized as a finalist in the 1999 World Bank Development Marketplace. 


What Value Do I Bring to Your Effort?

I’m considered by many of my peers to have one of the broadest experiences in the field of complementary, community and digital currencies: this is often mentioned in my testimonials on Linkedin. Consider this as a kind of Institutional Memory of what’s been going on the past 25 years.

I have a large network of experts that I know personally and have collaborated with. I have an excellent reputation for working in teams. If I don’t have what you need, I know someone who will. I’m active in several groups and as a subject matter expert for, a blockchain industry publication.

Although digital and cryptographic currencies are evolving rapidly now, the effort started in the early 1990s, and I was there. From communications with the founder of Ripple Classic years before it was programmed, to discussions with the founders of financial cryptography, for years people have been coming to me with their innovative ideas, and come back often to continue bouncing ideas around with me.

To ensure what you are doing is truly unique, that you have considered all the angles, that you’re involving the right people in order to focus on success, you’ll benefit from speaking with someone who has decades of experience in the field.

Recent Projects

  • Advising a team implementing a complementary currency system in a 30,000 resident refugee camp turned settlement in East Africa.
  • Advising the King of an indigenous nation in the Pacific about implementing a currency to bring the community closer together economically, and to facilitate increased cooperation and sharing of well-being.
  • Advising a group implementing a time-currency to improve reciprocation in a rural area in the United States.
  • Advising a light rail transit society in North America about ways to increase spin-off benefits for local business situated along a streetcar line using a digital currency.
  • Advising a bullion-backed digital currency startup in Montreal, Canada.
  • Advising a technology hardware provider in Australia about strategies for entering the Indonesian market.
  • Conducting “Getting Started with Bitcoin Trainings) to groups of over 10 people in Bali, Indonesia.

The kinds of services I’ve been asked to provide are:

1. Pre-Implementation Assistance. This can mean feasibility studies, business plans and break-even calculations, cost-recovery & income generation methodologies, etc.

2. Strategic Analysis and System Design. This involves research, workshops and simulations with clients and target groups to determine the type of system that would be most suitable (and sustainable) to implement. This is a more advanced step in our pre-implementation assistance program.

3. System Assessments and Analysis. For systems that have already started, we conduct performance assessments and provide an analysis that can help your system to improve its operations or generate increased revenue. This can also include the physical assessment of enterprise cluster, value chain and network flow operations.

4. Technical Assistance & Technology Sourcing. New technologies are emerging fast, we stay on top of these trends so the technology you choose will last as long as possible and not become outdated within a year or two. The opposite can also be beneficial: use of older technologies may be perfectly suited to the task and be much cheaper to implement than a new technology. We help you to determine which is best suited to your task.

5. Administration, Management, Policy, Legal Assistance. Reducing unnecessary overhead improves your financial bottom line. We help develop systems and structures that minimize costly expenses while improving the delivery of services to your customers. Our experience in ensuring the legal operations of network economy systems can help you get all the information you need from your legal assistance.

6. Ongoing Advisory Services. Contracting us on a long-term basis brings many value-added benefits to your operations. Our experience working with Boards of Directors can help you to deliver your vision to the market.


Packages Offered:


Advisor or Board Member

Private Consulting

Bitcoin-Blockchain Training & Presentations

Gift-Based Advising

What Does it Cost?

-First Meeting Fee USD/EUR/AUD 200
Retainer (Negotiable)
-Share offers
-Payment in
Bitcoin accepted

-First Meeting Fee USD/EUR/AUD 200
-Based on
Scope of Work
-USD/EUR/AUD 800/day (Negotiable)
+ Expenses
-Payment in Bitcoin accepted

-USD/EUR/AUD $400/ half-day session. (Negotiable)
+ Expenses, minimum 3 days
-Payment in Bitcoin accepted

-Official Letter, Certificate & Reference on Linkedin.

-Payment in digital or complementary currency, or in-kind gift.

Who is it for?

Startups, Established Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Startups, Established Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Startups, Established Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Community groups and unfunded non-profits proving strong intentions

What is included?

Active involvement in meetings, completion of specific tasks with measurable outcomes.

Action Research, System Analysis and Strategic Assessments. Preparation of reports and presentations.

3 Hour Introductory or Intermediate Level Course, plus 3 hours of focused discussion.

5 Hour blocks of my advising time & assistance, at which time extensions are discussed and agreed upon.

What are the deliverables or outcomes?

To be determined at the outset and put in writing. Outcomes must be measurable or create specific results.

To be determined at the outset and put in writing. Outcomes must be measurable or create specific results.

Participants gain comprehensive knowledge of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies, possess Bitcoin Wallet, understand security, risks & opportunities.

To be determined before the consulting period begins.

Gift-Based Consulting

If you can demonstrate your organization’s need for gift-based consulting by providing a letter which details your project and why you would benefit from my assistance, I would be pleased to consider your request. I am most likely to support requests that demonstrate a strong intention to succeed and basic foundational steps having been taken. In return, I offer you my advising services in blocks of 5 hours of time.

Personal Advisor or Board Member

I make myself available for regular meetings & consultations, both scheduled and on an as-needed basis. I will take an active role in meetings, as well as fulfilling specific tasks with specific and measurable outcomes.

Private Consulting

I conduct Action-Based Research, Startup Design, System Analysis, Strategic Assessments, Technical Assistance & Sourcing, Policy/Legal/Compliance reviews and prepare reports, presentations and workshops on the results as required. I will fulfill specific tasks with specific and measurable outcomes.

Bitcoin & Blockchain Training Courses

I provide Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced-Level training and presentations in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies, from “Getting Started” through more comprehensive programs that will give you and your team, company or organization the opportunity and tools to get onto the same page together.

I have presented at conferences and facilitated training workshops in Asia, North & South America, Africa and Europe. I am able to prepare presentations of any duration, either on a subject of my choosing related to the conference, or at the request of the conference organizers.

Ready to talk? Send me an email via the email link at the very top of this page.