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Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen DeMeulenaere (pronounced “De-Millionaire”) is a pioneer in the field of complementary and digital currencies the past 25 years as a visionary, system designer, administrator, researcher and educator. He works in Europe, Africa, Latin America and in Asia, where he has lived the past 20 years.

Involved with early digital currency projects, he collaborated with programmers working on cryptographic currency ideas many years before Bitcoin was invented. He also advised on the concept of the Ripple before it was coded.

Stephen has published interviews, articles and research spanning the past 25 years and has spoken at conferences around the world. Today he works as a private consultant for governments, territories, administrations and companies.



  • Digital Currency Council – Certified Digital Currency Professional

  • Graduate of the University of Nicosia Course in Digital Currencies, June 2016

  • Degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Ecology, University of Victoria, Canada


  • Founder of the Complementary Currency Resource CenterCo-founder of Coin Academy

  • Member of the editorial advisory board of the International Journal of Complementary Currency ResearchEarly Advisory Board Member on New Money Systems for the Lifeboat Foundation

  • Fellow at Qoin

  • Subject Matter Expert for Coin Telegraph