Myself and a few of my colleagues were interviewed for an article in The Progressive, an American magazine.

Who Needs Money? Alternative Currencies Create Ways to Build Community and Keep Things Local

Other than being quite sure I asked her to say “Complementary” or “Community” Currencies instead of Alternative, I’m happy to see an article that focuses on Ithaca as the one of the early landmark successes of complementary currencies since the Depression era.

When I first heard about Ithaca Hours, I called Paul Glover up on the phone long distance and talked with him on my nickel for about 45 minutes. I then sent away for the Ithaca Hours package to be mailed to me. It was a very simple idea, much more simple than the Local Exchange Trading System I was running, and it encouraged many communities to start their own systems, and to get into what we were talking about.

Here’s my quote:

“Stephen DeMeulenaere, founder of the Complementary Currency Resource Center, which provides research on alternative [sic] currencies around the world, sees the transition from Hours to Ithacash as part of the larger picture of shifting reasons for local currencies in the United States. As he explains, “I see the systems now being much more business-oriented in terms of small business owners. I’m not talking about corporations here but community revitalization and promotion of independent local businesses.”

I’m glad she chose this quote to help bridge what Paul Glover started and Scott Morris and colleagues are continuing, and I’m glad to have been watching their progress this whole time.