Regional-Urban-Local Economies,
Supply Chains and Enterprise Clusters

Regional, Urban and Local governments are having more difficulty than ever in generating sufficient revenues to cover their operations and strengthen their economies. This is the result of declining local economic activity, reduced revenue through taxation or a reduction in transfers from central governments.

Supply chains in some areas struggle to keep each step of the chain properly capitalized. Producers are having a harder time getting the production credit they need to produce for the chain, and at various stages in the cycle, or season, actors in the chain may have difficulty meeting their financial obligations. 

Enterprise clusters often have trouble maintaining the delicate balance between capital expenditures and revenue generation flowing around their network, and this can result in unintended work stoppages until the required capitalization has been put into place.

We have a lot of experience in designing, implementing, researching and improving these systems, and in dealing with these problems in ways that are very innovative, yet proven successful. If you’re ready to step into new ways of strengthening sub-national economies, come and talk with us.