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Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen DeMeulenaere

As a consultant, I’ve worked as a team member and team leader, as well as on my own. Over the years, I’ve worked with a wide variety of types of systems, which puts me in a unique position of having one of the broadest experiences and networks in the complementary currency, alternative currency and new currency movement. Thank you for digging a little deeper to learn more about me, a little from what I’ll tell you, and a little from what others will tell you. I’ve been working with complementary currency systems the past 20 years.  I’ve spent the vast majority of that time living outside of a G7 country. I am presently based somewhere around Southeast Asia. As founder/coordinator of the Complementary Currency Resource Center, I’ve been working to make it better for us to work together than on our own, and to provide resources freely to anyone who is interested in learning more about the economic and social theories we work with.  We talked about social networks at least 15 years before it was possible to have them in the forms we see them today, like Friendster, Hi5, Facebook and Google+, and they are still in their infancy. I’ve published a lot of material: reports, articles, stories and such, produced film material, and given presentations in some 10 countries. That’s what I will tell you about me for now. 


Here’s what others have to say:

“Stephen holds an outstanding understanding in the field of Alternative economy and exchange systems, and is a proven business manager, project director and consultant. The scope of his expertise is wide and varied and spans further back than most people working in this field. I can recommend him without any doubt and know his contribution will be invaluable to any company or project requiring the sort of expertise he holds.” Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2006 Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Olivier Hetzel,
Auroville, India


“At the P2P Foundation we closely monitor complementary currencies and in this field there is no doubt that Stephen is recognized as one of the pioneers who has done most, not just in conceptual , technical and financial innovation, but also in real-life implementation. He has made a incalculable contribution to monetary transformation. Stephen is a man who makes new things happen.”

Michel Bauwens,
Foundation for P2P Alternatives


“Stephen is an able researcher and capable organizer. His many years of experience in organizing alternative exchange systems have prepared him well for further work in this area. His organizing and maintenance of the Complementary Currency Resource Center has been a valuable gift of service to all those who seek to make communities more productive and self-reliant.”

Thomas Greco,
Community Information Resource Center


“I have been working with Stephen for almost a decade now. He has given theoretical and methodological support to the sustainable local economic development projects I had supervised in Central America. He has also been an excellent liaison with projects and key people in the subject in South East Asia. I even made reference to some of his findings in some of the academic papers I had written. He is a very open mind person with high cultural sensibility and excellent contacts in the complementary currency world.”

Erick Brenes,
Associated Consultant,
Strohalm Foundation


“This project has been Stephen’s initiative, and I have collaborated with him in this and other content domain. He is strongly motivated, and reliable.”

Bernard Lietaer,
Author of “Future of Money” and many other books,


“Over the years Stephen has been a very good person to bounce innovative and/or subversive ideas off of. He has taken much needed initiative in managing a central registrar for alternative currencies and has been a strong champion for these currencies, having set up a number of his own. I recommend him for his creativity and ethos of being of service to humanity.”

Sam Nelson,
Maia Maia Emissions Reduction Currency System


“To me, Stephen is a dedicated and a very profesional person. He’s been updating and referencing with a great attention the database for Complementary currencies for years. He is a very social person and has easy relation skills to get to know new persons. I do thrust him and respect him for the work he has been doing for the community. He is to me a reference in the field of complementary currencies. His experience and his knowledge could make him arrogant, but he chose to be humble about it and to listen to others, bringing his added value, with respect, in many conversations where one could have gone impatient. Whatever you are going to begin with him, Stephen is an amazing human person with a great heart.”

Etienne Hayem,
Zoupic & Co


“Stephan is an enthusiastic advocate of the Community Currency movement. He took responsibility for building the transnational database, were you can find detailed information on many aspects of these systems. As lively speaker on conferences he is able to add a lot of detail and history to the subject.”

Edgar Kampers,


“Stephen is very well respected in the worldwide complementary currencies movement and has devoted many years to the study of different currencies and what makes them go well. He is great to work with and is very good at maintaining an interesting and changing website.

Deirdre Kent,
Author of Healthy Money Healthy Planet – developing sustainability through new money systems
New Zealand


“I have been involved with self empowerment projects in Indonesia and Africa. Stephen has been very willing to provide particular advice, in addition to which his general briefings are of immense value … if communities are prepared to understand their own self-empowerment. What Stephen advocates/works on is at the core of what is needed to end cycles of dependence.”

Dennis Argall,
Community Economic Development


“PIG TUSKS & PAPER MONEY is a documentary I produced about traditional currencies in Papua New Guinea, still an active part of local economies. Following this Stephen was engaged in a detailed exploration of the validity of traditional currencies in East New Britain (PNG) for the local government, and we have remained in contact since the 1990’s. Stephen has a profound knowledge of complementary currencies and their broader applications.”

Lilliana Gibbs,
Director, Assai and The Ark Workspace
Sydney, Australia


“I have known Stephen now for almost 6 years, both as a colleague and as someone who has been in the same area of business as myself – alternative currencies, barter, community currencies, trade etc. Stephen is a very knowledgeable person and extremely well read. He tries to look for solutions where others often find none and often succeeds in finding them where others may fail. Certainly his experience in the alternative currency field is second-to-none and he is probably one of the best-read and researched persons that I can think of in this area.”

Daniel Evans,
Economist & Co-Founder of the Ormita Commerce Network
New Zealand/China


“I met Stephen at the EF Schumacher Conference in Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand, in 2007 and we enjoyed exploring ideas around economic growth, money and sustainable development. I liked his attitude towards life, his sense of adventure and genuinely seeking ways to make the world a better more equitable place to bring about peace. My work as an organizational consultant focussing on leadership and self mastery through a contemplative spiritual focus resonates well with what Stephen does.”

Lalith Gunaratne,
Owner, Sage Training Ltd.
Sri Lanka/Canada


“As coordinator, Stephen has succeeded that for more than 10 years the Complementary Currency Resource Center still is the best source of information on complementary currency projects worldwide.”

Jaap Vink,
Program Officer,
Social Trade Organization/Strohalm/STRO


“Though never in person, I have known Stephen for many years specifically in relation to monetary design. He is perhaps one the few who has the broadest perspective of what is going on in complementary currencies, especially in the so-called “Global South,” often overlooked. He’s put together one of the most comprehensive data bases of CC systems out there, truly trying to incorporate all the possible existing designs. He has always been of great help and an invaluable resource in my work and research.”

Leonardo Wild,
Writer/Director/Screenwriter and Complementary Currency Activist


“Nous avons eu l’honneur de travailler avec M. Stephen DeMeulenaere pour la tenue du chantier Monnaie sociale du Pôle de Socio-Economie Solidaire, un réseau international dédié à la promotion de l’économie solidaire. Ce Chantier a réuni une centaine de participants de nombreux pays. Il avait pour vocation de mutualiser les connaissances sur les expériences de monnaies sociales de par le monde, renforcer les liens entre les groupes mettant en place ce genre de monnaies ou désireux de le faire, la rédaction de documents d’analyse et de propositions sur ces expériences, la tenue d’ateliers et de conférences sur ce thème avec des invités internationaux (notamment lors du Forum Social Mondial ou Européen), la tenue d’un forum électronique en français, anglais et espagnol et la maintenance d’une page Monnaies sociales dans le site web (http://money.socioeco.org/fr/). Stephen a travaillé avec le Chantier Monnaie Sociale en tant que coordinateur d’événements réalisés en Allemagne (International Conference on Monetary Regionalization) et San Francisco (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies).  Il a été responsable de la coordination d’un groupe de 9 personnes pour mettre en place les tâches prévues par l’organisation.  Comme mentionné plus haut, il a assisté à des ateliers et conférences sur les monnaies sociales à Mumbai, en Inde (Forum Social Mondial); Paris, France (Forum Social Européen) et à la réunion du Pôle de Socio-Economie Solidaire à Dakar, Sénégal (Conférence Globalisation de la Solidarité, RIPESS). Nous avons été très satisfaits de son travail d’organisation et de coordination.” Très cordialement,

Françoise Wautiez,
PSES (Progam Social Economy of Solidarity)
Fondacion Pour Le Progres de l’Homme (Foundation for the Progress of Mankind)


“We met at the Strohhalm NGO in Holland and had a profound discussion on how to foster complementary currencies in developing countries. Stephen has a profound knowledge of all kinds of projects world-wide and, due to his excellent personal contacts, has a deep insight into the reason why some of them failed. He is not only the manager of, to my knowledge, the largest international data bank on this subject (www.complementarycurrency.org), but he has astounding, even encyclopedic knowledge about the varying advantages, distribution and the function of the different types of complementary currencies. I deeply respect his integrity and enjoy his intelligent wit. I very much appreciated his hospitality and companionship in Bali and I would be very pleased to work more closely with him in the near future. If there were a “World Bank” which deserves this name, I would envision him, with his personal skills and dedication, as a Managing Director in the field of Strategic Global Abundance.”

Andre Genin,
Emerging Technologies Engineer

  I look forward to working with you!