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I’m doing a live webinar with The Optimist magazine this Friday afternoon. Click here for more information:


The Money Mosaic

Although many of us have not been making use of the possibilities yet, we’re already living in a multi-currency world. National currencies are facing stiff competition from currencies that are better designed and intended to achieve more important goals. Currencies based on technology and the Internet, and designed by better hearts and minds are leading us to a new form of secularism: the separation of money from state.

These currencies also leading us toward sustainability, as only a stable currency will ultimately be able to achieve, and they are showing how the current design of national currency money has led us down the path of unlimited growth toward ecological catastrophe.

Some of these currencies reside in the digital world, on your phone or computer. Others look and feel much the same as the kinds of money we’re more used to: plastic cards and paper notes. But they’re backed not by debt, but interesting new ideas about what money should really be like, and in this way they offer hope for the overworked and indebted to join those who are already able to live freely and choose how they exchange with others.

What You Will Learn:

We’ll learn about the rise of the Sharing Economy that powers exchanges in everything from unused bedrooms and car seats to dinner-table chairs, and also about Bitcoin, a digital asset currency whose worldwide valuation is now over 4 billion dollars but is the only major currency that isn’t represented by a corporation, government or bank. We’ll see how money is being dismantled into it’s components and changing the meaning of value.

You’ll also come out of this event with a few tools you can implement right away to begin planting the seeds of a better economy right in your own neighborhood and beyond.

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen DeMeulenaere founded the Complementary Currency Resource Center in 2002, bringing together resources from appropriate economics and rural self-development finance he and colleagues collected from their field work in Africa, Asia and Latin America from the early 1990s. Involved in the early development of electronic currencies and exchange platforms, he got onboard with Bitcoin in 2013, becoming a certified Digital Currency professional and co-founder of Coin Academy, a digital currency education and tutorial platform.

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