I've been very active in this space since 1991, and then blockchain technology was invented.

From Local Complementary Currencies to large-scale Blockchain technologies

Starting with the Local Exchange Trading system (LETS) in Canada in 1991, I then moved to focusing on social and economic impact projects using special purpose currencies in Central and South America, Africa and then Asia, where I have been based the past 20 years. Meanwhile, I was active in the digital currency space in North America andEeurope. I'm recognized as one of the pioneers and leaders in this effort.

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Main Areas of Interest and Focus

Consulting & Advising

In this picture I'm speaking with President of East Timor Jose Ramos-Horta. Since the mid-1990s I have provided consulting services to a wide variety of organizations from the International Development Research Center to the Provincial Government of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, to Development Alternatives Inc., IDK Foundation, UNCTAD, UNFAO and many others. I'm a registered UN consultant.

Training & Presenting

In this picture I'm speaking at the United Nations in Geneva, opening Blockchains for Sustainable Development. Having been an educator, trainer, facilitator and mentor from grssroots activist groups to NGOs, companies and financial institutions, I develop and deliver training programs and workshops on my own and together with my collaborators. As a speaker, I have presented at numerous conferences worldwide..

Partnershps & Representation

In this picture I'm speaking at AMCHAM South Korea's first Blockchain Event. Much of my work as a team member in a company has been in positions at the intersection of partnerships, business development, sales, marketing, communications, community management, an on speaking on behalf of a project, foundation, or company as a representative.

I've taken the long and winding road and preferred to take the path of a generalist, although I have also taken time to dive deep and specialize in certain key areas. I have lots of experience outside of these three main areas, so if you think I may be suitable in a completely different area, don't hesitate to bring it up when we talk.

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“I have had several different opportunities to work with Stephen along the years. Each time I could enjoy Stephen’s rigor and the depth of his expertise, not just in complementary currencies (a huge field), but also where the world goes. Stephen knows how to combine the big picture with practical ‘get the work done’ things. A very rare quality.”

Jean-Francois Noubel

Collective Intelligence Research Institute

“Stephen has a long history in the field of community and complementary currencies for more than 20 years in Canada, Latin America and Asia. He has designed several community currency models for economic development purposes in Mexico, Argentina, India and Thailand. And he wrote valuable list of articles on the subject. Last, Stephen presented and facilitated at Universities and conferences all over the world. We are proud that Stephen is, after many years of being a fellow, now a Partner at Qoin.”

Edgar Kampers

Qoin Foundation

“There is no doubt that Stephen is recognized as one of the pioneers who has done most, not just in conceptual, technical and financial innovation, but also in real-life implementation. He has made a incalculable contribution to monetary transformation.”

Michel Bauwens

P2P Foundation

“I engaged Stephen as a consultant to carry out a study [f traditional currencies in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea in 2001. I was impressed by his extraordinary knowledge of complementary currencies, by his contribution to the field, and by his dedication to the study. The work went seamlessly. The client loved the result. And we all learned from working with Stephen. I recommend him highly.”

David Week

Assai Culture-Driven Projects

What I've been Doing Lately

Here's a few pictures that tell the story of what I've been doing in this field he past 30 years.

BlockBali 3

I was one of the speakers at BlockBali 3 in November 2019

Contract Reviewer for Princeton Uniersity Textbook

I was hired by Princeton University Press to review their award-winning textbook.

Meeting Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, Geneva, Switzerland

2017-2019 have beeen whirlwind years for me in the Blockchain Industry, and I've been fortunate to meet many key and top individuals who have been contributing.

Blockchains for Sustainable Development, Geneva, Switzerland

As lead organizer, I had the opportunity to bring some of the best people in the Blockchain Industry to United Nations Headquarters in Geneva to talk about how blockchain technologies for the meeting of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Consulting in Field - Lusaka, Zambia

My colleagues from Qoin Foundation and I were in Lusaka, Zambia for a training on Incentivization for Impact for our client Solidaridad.

Remembering my friend Bernard Lietaer

Bernard and I have been friends since 1994, collaborators and friends, and it's been a year since he elevated to higher ground.

Bretton Woods 75 - New Hampshire

I was invited to attend the invitation-only 75th Anniversary of the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Keynote - Block Community - Surabaya, Indonesia

Oscar Darmawan is co-Founder and CEO of Indodax, Indonesia's first and largest Crypto Exchange with 1,800,000 members, and we've been friends since early 2014.

Could I be a good match for your team or project?

Do reach out, you never know what can happen.

I'm always on the lookout for good people, quality leadership, functional teams and interesting, future-changing projects. If you think I'd be a valuable addition to your effort, do contact me and tell me about who you are and what you're up to!

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