A History Of What I've Been Doing

I'll admit it: I've been a generalist. I've worked in a wide variet of positions in many places around the world. I've designed and implemented several systems, been an administrator of a system for many years, published academically, wrote chapters for books, conducted research, been a consultant, advisor, mentor, trainer...I've been everywhere and have collaborated successfully with a great many awesome people from all around the world.

Here's a brief summary of my path.

Post-Scarcity Anarchism, by Murray Bookchin


While in High School in Canada, I was involved in the Peace Movement and in leading the effort to make my town a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, which was important at the time as nuclear materials were being shipped from Uranium Mines to Nuclear Power and Weapons Facilities in Washington State, USA.

It was at that time that I started to learn about politics and communications, and Murray Bookchin was one of by big influences then and now.

Murray Bookchin
Silvio Gesell, the Natural Economic Order
Victoria LETS Promotional Photo


Double-Majoring in Political Science and Philosophy, with a minor in Environmental Studies, I volunteered with a number of organizations, participated in Anti-Gulf War protests, Indigenous Rights movements, and expressed solidarity with the EZLN movement in southern Mexico, and was often cooking for the Food Not Bombs soup kitchen. So yes, rather radical at the time.

I was also Administrator of the Victoria Local Exchange Trading System from 1992-1997, where I became very involved in the local currency movement in Canada, America, Mexico and Argentina. I ran for the Green Party of BC in the 1996 Provincial Election, and set a record.

Qwa-Ba-Diwa midden garden, Carmanah Valley, Vancouver Island
Tree-spiking saved Meares Island, Clayoquot Sound
Reciprocal Exchange, the goal of local currencies
CyberPunk Music drove me towards technology
In front of the Red Global de Trueque Market "La Fabrica", a former DuPont textile factory that failed, Buenos Aires, 1999


By 1998 I was a public Junior High School English teacher in Japan, having decided to leave Canada in order to earn enough in order to be able to repay my student loan which the government had increased the interest on to 9.25%.

Upon finishing, I returned to Canada briefly but was quickly called to Mexico to meet with a project I was supporting there, and then to Buenos Aires to assist the Red Global de Trueque (RGT) which had over 500,000 members using alternative currencies.

In the Bernal Market with thousands of people, 1999
At another RGT Barter Market in Buenos Aires
Kud Chum Hamlet in Ban Santisuk, Isan, Thailand, the first complementary currency system in SE Asia.


In early 2000, the Canadian Volunteer Agency CUSO, much like the American Peace Corps, asked me to go to Thailand to assist with setup of a complementary currency in the rural northeast

They then asked me to do the same in Indonesia, through the Credit Union network in central Java Island. For this project I was a finalist in the Untenguggenberger Preis in Austria.

Then I took the opportunity work with the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) mission as a Civic Education Grants Program Manager with UNDP Electoral Assistance Programme.

I also managed to find time to assist the Doole Community Exchange System in Dakar, Senegal, for which they were awarded Finalist in the World Bank Development Marketplace that year.

The Bia Kud Chum Complementary Currency System implementation team
Holding the sign of the Bank of Thailand *banned* Bia Kud Chum CC system
Working to prevent monetary drainage
Boon Kud Chum market, after the ban was lifted.
a Bia Kud Chum Market
An Indonesian village head discusses the merits of the Toronto Dollar.
Hanging out in Jakarta
The Doole Community Exchange System, Dakar, Senegal 2000
Crossing a riverbed in East Timor, 2001, as the bridge had been destroyed by retreating Indonesian forces.
Meeting with Guerilla Army leader and First President of Timor Leste, Xanana Gusmao.
Conducting a small business entrepreneur training in the Oecusse enclave in West Timor.
Holding Tabu shell money, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, 2002


Upon finishing my contract in East Timor (Timor Leste), I worked as a consultant to the Provincial Government of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea to help them understand a powerful traditional currency in their Province, the Tabu.

I was then invited to lead the Social Money Workshop of the Foundation for the Progress of Humankind in Paris, and travelled to major conferences in several countries together with my colleagues.

From 2002-2007 I was also Asia Region Coordinator for the Stichting Aktie Strohalm, a Dutch NGO funded by the Netherlands Foreign Ministry to implement local currency systems in Asia, Central and South America.

I also collaborated with Prof. Bernard Lietaer on writings that reflected our shared opinions on monetary and economic systems, as well as worldview. We became good friends.

Significant amounts of long-term shell money storage
At a funeral, where ones wealth in Tabu is divided up and shared with everyone, including children.
A purse specially designed for carrying Tabu
Finally meeting my friend Prof. Bernard Lietaer in Bali, 2002
Training for small-business owners on local economies, central Java, Indonesia
The local currency system HQ, the credit union, with a smoking volcano in the background.
Attending the Social and Solidarity Economy International Conference 2005 in Dakar, Senegal


By 2005, my hobby started to turn more professional as I was earning my living full-time from my work already for several years.

At the same time, I was living in Bali, Indonesia for a few years, working out of cyber cafes and then upgrading to dial-up internet.

Ubud attracted a lot of people to come and visit and see what Bernard Lietaer and I wrote about which may have informed his ideas of a Yin-Yang duality between fiat money and complementary currency.

Meeting with NZ green money activist Helen Dew
Standing on a street corner on Goree Island, where the slaves were shipped to America.
With Edgar Cahn, the founder of Time Banking in America
With David Korten, author of "When Corporations Rule the World"
With Susan Witt, EF Schumacher's friend and founder of Berkshares
On a panel at the German Regional Money conference, Bauhaus University, Weimar. I'm sitting next to influential monetary theorist Margrit Kennedy
With Andreas Antonopoulos in Ubud, Bali


After 20 years of working with complementary, local and alternatie currencies, I took a little bit of a break. I married, managed a documentary film production company, then co-founded an Indonesian Language School with my wife.

In 2011, as a frequent user of open source software, I had stumbled across an application in Sourceforge.net called Bitcoin. I thought it was weird that a software would issue money, instead of people issuing it in order to facilitate exchange. It also had to be compiled, so that meant it was not accessible to me then.

However, Blockchain technologies was soon to become my next core area.

With Wilson Lee, major Bitcoin and Blockchain promoter worldwide
Speaking with government officials at a conference in Indonesia
Speaking at the first Communist-Party Sponsored Blockchain conference in Changsha, Hunan, China 2016
Just before a panel discussion in front of Chinese Communist Party officials
Keynote speech on the importance of open and public blockchains to Communist Party officials
Keynote Speech at Seamless Indonesia 2017 in Jakarta
The first time 90% of the attendees ever heard of Bitcoin!
My longtime friend Prof. Bernard Lietaer in action
As a subject matter expert for Cointelegraph, they made me this drawing
With Prof Bernard Lietaer at Schiphol train station before our flights to Barcelona for the International Complementary Currency Conference 2017
Standing on the rooftop balcony of the Palais des Nations, Geneva, 2018, after a successful Blockchains for Sustainable Development event at the World Investment Forum


In early 2017, I could see that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were going to tip from being something the risk-takers were working on, to something that could start to gain broader adoption.

By the summer of 2017, I was starting to get contacted to provided my blockchain knowledge assistance to a number of clients, including Power Ledger, becoming their first Community Manager.

However, Blockchain technologies was soon to become my next core area.

Representing Pundi X at a meetup in Amsterdam
Moderating a session with Michael Nye and Ryan Lye, both crypto influencers at xBlockchain Bali 2018
Speaking for Pundi X at the first American Chamber of Commerce of South Korea Blockchain Event
Speaking to CNN Turkey on cryptocurrency payments in Istanbul
Speaking at BlockBali, Bali's main Blockchain Conference
Speaking at BlockCommunity Surabaya
Speaking at the HTML5 Summit on Blockchain before the speaking ban, Beijing
Sitting beside Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance at the United Nations
Finding some time to have a chat and a laugh with CZ
Opening the Blockchains for Sustainable Development Session at the United Nations World Investment Forum 2018
The view from the panel during Prof. Dr. Jem Bendell's keynote speech (www.b4sd.net)
750 Attendees made the Blockchains for Sustainable Development session the single largest session at the World Investment Forum
Moderating the panel with CZ, Galia Benartzi and Guenther Dobrauz
Attending Bretton Woods 75 at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, 2019
Speaking to the media at Bretton Woods 75
Speaking on a panel at BlockBali 3, 2019
With Oscar Darmawan, founder and CEO of Indodax, Indonesia's largest Digital Asset Exchange by far
An email from Ryan Fugger, inventor of Ripple Classic and first owner of Ripple.com, referring to having talked with me in 2005 (and earlier) about his innovative plans for a Peer-to-Peer mutual credit system. Ryan sold Ripple to Jed McCaleb who launched Ripple Labs.
With Ryan Fugger in Canada, 2019
With the Qoin Foundation team in Lusaka, Zambia on a Incentivization for Impact Training