"Well begun is half done."

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Complementary Currencies and Monetary Innovation

If you're the right person for me to assist, I would be delighted to perform contract work – short or long term, and with or without other collaborators – for you, your organization, company or institution.

I am often asked to start from the beginning, assisting my client to map out the plan that they wish to implement together with me and a larger team later, or just with their team and with me as a consultant, trainer, advisor or mentor.

I have worked as a consultant with a very wide variety of institutions: governments of all levels, banks, central banks, corporations, businesses, entrepreneurs, international and national NGOs in many countries worldwide.

Most of my consulting service takes place in the following areas:


I provide a full non-technical curriculum Blockchain Training program starting from absolutely zero knowledge to having a comprehensive understanding as well as having a wallet and understanding the level of computer security required. This is a hands-on session. The cost starts at $300 for a half-day 4-Hour Training.

I have delivered trainings at:

  • - Blockchain Zoo, Bali
  • - Hubud Co-Working, Bali
  • - Centro Inovacao Mouraria, Lisbon
  • - Centro Inovacao Mouraria, Lisbon

Presentation, Lecture, Discussion

I am often asked to give talks for companies and organizations to help the whole team to understand blockchain technologies and their potential application in the company. Often these discussions start out as lectures then grow into facilitated discussions, with me as the facilitator. This is not a hands-on event. The cost starts at $300 for a half-day 4-Hour Presentation, Lecture or Discussion.

I have given talks at:

  • - Indonesia Fintech Association, Jakarta
  • - Bank of Indonesia Institute, Jakarta
  • - BlockBali, Bali
  • - American Chamber of Commerce, Seoul
  • - HTML5 Developer's Conference, Beijing
  • - Hatch Co-Lab, Geneva

Advising, Mentoring, Coaching

Having worked at a senior level in companies, I am able to advise, mentor and coach at the top levels in areas of team-building, leadership, transition, reconstruction and other areas of improving quality performance in management and staff. This is typically a 6-12 month committment.

I have mentored at:

  • - Pundi X, Jakarta
  • - Multiply.Impact, Germany
  • - Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, Consensys
  • -, Bali
  • - Hatch Co-Lab, Geneva

Private Advising

As I have worked at the C-level, I am asked to meet with the management team to discuss ideas that are in development and under NDA agreement before they are taken to the larger team. Or, one of the management team ask me to educate them privately on the subject so that they can be ready for upcoming meetings, and changes in their company. The cost for this varies depending on what is required, and generally starts at $1,000 for a 15 Hour block of time.

My private advising clients are confidential.

Blockchain Technical Advisory & Smart Contract Development & Auditing

Together with my colleagues who work in a variety of organizations in Indonesia and worldwide, I am able to bring together world-class resources for your project. Contact me to find out more about what I can offer.

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Would you like to invite me to train, speak, moderate, facilitate, coach, mentor, advise?

I consider attending events where demonstrated efforts are made for gender-balance and have an anti-harrassment policy, as well as achieving a range of mutual outcomes from the event overall and from my participation in it.