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Introduction to Trading Techniques for Cryptocurrencies

March 28, 2020 at Blockchain Zoo, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Are you interested in learning how to buy, trade and sell cryptocurrencies? Have you been watching on the sidelines while others have made more in a month than all your investments do in a year? Trading cryptocurrencies is a lot like trading stocks, except that the fees are much lower and markets are open 24/7. Cryptocurrency prices are occasionally volatile, but if you can learn to handle it, the rewards can be significant. In this hands-on workshop you will: Learn how to secure your computer, Open an account on the top Indonesian or international exchange and set up your wallet, Understand and trade cryptocurrencies using a variety of chart analysis and trading strategies. The number of spots is limited, hence registration and payment in advance is required. Register here.

Previous Speaking Engagements


2019: Jakarta, Lisbon, Manila, Bali, Lusaka.

2018: Geneva, Istanbul, Seoul, Beijing, Bali, Jakarta.

May 9-15, 2017, Barcelona, Spain. 4th International Conference on Social and Complementary Currency Systems.

October 30, 2016, Changsha, Hunan, China. Keynote Speech at the First World Blockchain Summit, attended by national-level Government and Communist Party leaders on blockchain currencies and technology innovation.

August 22, 2015, International webinar on emerging financial & monetary payment systems and technologies for The Optimist magazine.

June 17-19, 2013, The Hague, Netherlands. Second International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems. International Institute of Social Studies.

February 17-19, 2011, Lyon, France. International Conference on Complementary Currencies. University of Lyon, ENS, Municipality of Lyon, France.

May 16, 2007, San Francisco, California. Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). University of California at Berkeley.

September 28-29, 2006, Weimar, Germany. International Conference on Monetary Regionalisation. Bauhaus University, Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning.

November 15-30, 2005, Dakar, Senegal. International Conference on the Economy of Solidarity.

October 15-17, 2004, Hong Kong, China. Community Economy Forum. Oxfam Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong.

April 20, 2004. Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand. Faculty of Public Administration. Guest Lecturer on Rural Economic Development.

January 16-21, 2004, Mumbai, India. World Social Forum.

Nov. 10-15, 2003, Paris, France. European Social Forum.

March 9 2001, June 7 2002. University of Indonesia, Jakarta. Faculty of Psychology Master's Program. Guest Lecturer on the Psychology of Money.

Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 1999, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founding Conference of the Latin American Socio-Economic Solidarity Network.

1997, Tokyo, Japan. Presentation on Alternative Currency Systems to Japan Research Institute, Sumitomo Bank.

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